About me

This is for us girls who loves to rock the casual outfit. For us who are so much into stylish flats and just a little bit of love for high heels. And for us Moms who puts the gorgeous shoes we saw in a shop last on the list.  It may seem like i have a huge closet with tons of clothes.. that all of these are expensive.. but no they are not.. i just happen to know where to shop, when to shop, and what to shop..

My "style" is simple, casual, and wearable.. something all of us wear when we go out with our family and friends..  hey i know.. im not a fashion professional or whatever they call it. but i remember when i was a kid, i wanted to be a fashion designer. I was one of those girls who makes paper dolls and makes their dresses too! This could be a dream that probably will never come true.. so just bear with me.. i will appreaciate it a lot :) For me dressing up is like cooking.. mixing all the ingredients to make a good dish to serve to everybody...and a compliment makes the effort worth it.

I also post about anything I am comfortable talking about. Maybe soon i will try something about cooking, share some tips and some ideas that us Moms can use around the house.

I would like to thank my husband for appreciating me if i look nice and for telling me directly if i dont! and for being my photographer .. i love u dad!

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