I'm not a photographer. i just like taking pictures and sharing them. 

This is my baby.. Sony NEX 5 with 18-55mm lens. Small and light, very convenient for me to bring even if i am carrying my son. We bought this because we want to keep the memories that our family make through photos.  And maybe because i have a little artist in me (i paint, charcoal is my medium) i wanted our photos to have a life. If you are a photographer or someone who understands photography then you know what i mean..

I love sharing my photos. Well, we all want to share our experiences and we want everyone to see it as great as how we saw it through our own eyes.

my baby and my mom in law


flowers, family

Girona, Spain

i don't know what this is .. lol!

birds of a feather flock together... really?? :)


Photos below are from my Samsung Galaxy i9003
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