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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The small purse dilemma
So.. We all know girls that we love bags as much as we love shoes. We use different bags, from the small ones up to those gorgeous shopping bags from Mango. With the big ones, we don't have problems putting all those things that we want to bring. But what if we want to use the cute little shoulder bag that you just bought? Of course we don't want to leave our make-up purse. What if we accidentally smudged our eye shadow off?
Calm down.. calm down :) We dont really have to bring the whole make up kit. 

This is what i've learned ever since i started to wear eye liner. I keep my eye liner that is about the be "finished" in my little coin purse (that i use as tiny make-up kit) and that's what i carry around. I usually wear pencil eye liner or liquid eye liner. But even if i'm using liquid eye liner i still choose to bring pencil coz its easier and faster to use if you are to retouch your eyes. Another thing that we should always have is a pocket mirror. If we are already out of the restaurant and we forgot to check if we have something on our teeth, of course we can't ask our date to check it right? (well i do it with my husband.. lol!) Also, i bring my cream blush just in case i need it. But not all the time. Because i can leave the house without a blush-on but not without my eyes done! eeeeeeekkkkk!!! :)


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